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in santa rosa tonight. at that funeral mass and here at this growing memorial for 13-year-old andy lopez. there is sandness, anger, and there is also fear. hundreds of tearful mourners watched silently as 13-year-old andy lopez's friends and family place his body back in a hearse. his emotional parents holding on, not wanting to say goodbye after his funeral mass. >> the mother was laying on the coffin. her heart was, you know, full of grief. >> reporter: for many, it was overwhelming, as loved ones remembered a teenage boy who friends say was quick to smile and played the trumpet at school. a 13-year-old boy killed by a sheriff's deputy one week ago. the deputy thought his replica toy rifle was a real ak-47. >> this is a big loss. >> reporter: pedro says the death has shaken the community in santa rosa. >> i have three kids, too. and i don't want that to happen with my kids. >> reporter: holding her 3-year-old daughter, kayla says she is heart broken. >> he was only 13, and now his parents have to offer. >> reporter: they say they came to the service to pay their respects, and also to d
live . >>> tonight hundreds of people marched in the streets of santa rosa chanting andy. they want justice for the victim andy who was killed by a sheriff's deputy. it's been one week now since the sheriff's deputy mistook that boy's pellet gun for an ak-47. they hope to make a change. >>> we have new details involving this investigation. we're learning that the deputy who fired the shot says he cannot remember if he identified himself before opening fire. eyewitness reports and dispatch records show that only about ten seconds transpired between the deputy confronting the teenager and the shooting. >>> a man is still missing tonight after that chaotic closing of a care facility. the sheriff says that the 65 year old walked away on friday, just one day after the valley springs manor was shut down. we have photos of family members picking up belongings. he was shocked and appalled to see his parents living in such conditions. the janitor told us he did his best to care for the seniors. he was just hired, though, two weeks earlier and was not a caregiver. >> all these people never go
. 60 in oakland right now. 56 in santa rosa as the northwest winds mixing in some warmer and drier air down toward sea level. winds now around santa rosa. that's the hint of things to come. as we look at the wind advisory now in affect for all hill top locations around 1,000 feet. between now and sunrise, you see these areas in orange near san jose and around the east bay hills, wind gusts close to 30 miles per hour at times, maybe up to 45 miles per hour around daybreak tomorrow morning and staying breezy throughout the day on sunday. lows into the 50s and first tonight. we're talking patchy frost in the forecast. we'll show you chilly changes ahead in your seven-day forecast in a minute. >> b.a.r.t. workerses have approved a temporary contract deal that not only ends last month's strike but should mean no more strikes for several years b.a.r.t. officials announced today they reaped agreement with the transit union local. last night they reached ingredient with sciu workers. ip proved safety conditions for b.a.r.t. workers and requires workers to pay na their pensions for the first ti
-like events across the bay area. another round of wind starting to show up in santa rosa and fairfield. notice what happens at 1:00. napa, fairfield, san francisco. winds sustained out of the north at close to 20 miles an hour. some gusts approaching 35. and windy conditions heading into tomorrow night. the other thing you're going to notice as we step outside the wind protected valleys already in the 30s right now. look at that. napa, 39 degrees. the dew point temperature, or the air temperature that the air will try to cool towards by sunrise, if you don't have wind, is now dry enough to support patchy frast frost in parts of the north bay valley. we're already seeing that. patchy frost. we could get wind gusts approaching 35 miles an hour during the day tomorrow. we'll talk more about windy changes to the forecast. and a real good chance now for rain in the seven-day forecast. we'll that for you coming up. back to you. >> we are learning new details about two burglaries in walnut creek that we first reported last night. police told us they believe the two crimes were committed by the same p
into the upper atmosphere. 39 in napa and 39 in santa rosa. the cloud cover will blanket off some of that heat we had for today even though it wasn't much. the daytime highs unreal. 10 to 15 degrees below average. 65 in san jose. and 64 expected in palo alto. in the east bay you are down about 15 degrees. 67 in walnut creek. that 67 in livermore that is optimistic. that is me trying to give you a nice day. 63 in the castro valley and 60 in alameda. 66 in sonoma and 64 expected in napa. the next thing we are pushing for is much colder weather as we mentioned earlier in the show. 33 in the north bay hills. and south san jose not at cold but a chilly morning. we have the halloween forecast. concerned about the kids on thursday for trick or treating. a few clouds and temperatures in the low 60s. i think you will be just fine. on the seven-day forecast we notice this roller coaster ride by thursday and friday, mid-70s and sunday and monday back down into the 60s. mother nature has put her foot down or high heel, summer is gone. any kind of heat. >> the monster boot is down. >> jessica wants a portable
of 2017 has a no strike clause. >> some 200 people gathered at the spot in santa rosa where 13-year-old carrying a replica assault rifle was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. they held the day of the dead observance in honor of the deputy. the deputy mistook for a real rifle. today is a mexican holiday that honors the very memory of those who died. the county leaders plan to address the concerns to tuesday's supervisor meeting. the boy's family said they will file a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court on monday. >> a prized possession from the law. live in san jose. tonight a giants fan wants a barry bonds autograph that was given to her when she was in the hospital bed more than years ago. her emotional story is next. >> also ahead at 11:00, does it go too far. the halloween costume that got employees suspended and why the punishment is not enough. >> throwing down tv. one unique approach that is flipping the switch on prime time programs. >> 74 today, but big time changes coming your way. i'm jeff ranieri. we are tracking the windy and also cold weather for the weekend. o
of clover dale about 30 minutes north of santa rosa. police say the driver is a 75-year-old man who is cooperating with the investigation he is not believed to have been drinking, speeding or using his cell phone. the boys were transported to the hospital but their conditions not released. >>> new tonight, a family from brazil is in san francisco tonight on a frantic search for a loved one. they got a call from the missing man on monday saying he was in trouble and they haven't heard from him since. nbc bay area's gene ellie is live in san francisco where his sister is retracing his steps tonight. >> he had a bus ticket for a ride home to los angeles on sunday, but eighths here at the greyhound station say he never boarded that bus. we also know he called family on monday frantic telling them he needed help and was in trouble. that was the last time family heard from him. >> and eats a nice boy. he was not the type of troublemaker boy. he is -- he's really intelligent. he speaks four languages. >> anna rodriguez is desperate to find her brother. 23-year-old paolo netto. she and he
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7